Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saving Dimensions with PS Presets

Last week I talked to you guys about resizing your special digital projects so you could scrap it as big as possible and not have to shrink your kit elements and papers too much and then just resize the whole project at the end. Well I also wanted to show you how you can save all those special sizes right in your Photoshop program! When you first click open you have this window:

As you can see, I am working on a Facebook Cover Photo. So I made my width 851 pixels and height 315 pixels. Now, the third button on the right is "Save Preset". Click that once you have entered your information.

Enter a name for your project dimensions. Like "Facebook Cover". This could be "Desktop", "siggy", "Journal Card", "Avatar", etc!

Click "Ok" and now that option will be available in the Presets menu when you open up PS. Like this:

You see I have one called "Scrapbooking" so I don't have to enter 12x12 and 300dpi every time. Try this out to save you time and have those measurements there for you to use always!
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