Thursday, January 31, 2013

New release and lots of news

Kari here with this week's new release and all the fun news!  Grab a cup of whatever your pleasure is- tea, coffee, soda, water, whatever- and get comfy.  Yep, I'll wait, won't spill anything.  Going to be hard, but I'll wait.  *tap tap tap*  OK, got your beverage of choice?  Get good and comfy, cause there's lots going on.  All comfy?  Good.  Hold on tight, cause here we go!  (Sorry, flashback to when my kids would watch the kid shows on Disney)  OK, you know Meagan guested at Scrap Takeout last month.  As fun as that was, the time has come to say good-bye to Scrap Takeout.  But that means her collections from there are moving to ScrapMatters!  First up is Bliss.  As always, the individual pieces are 20% off.  Yep, all the previews are linked.
the kit:
 the quick pages:
 the clusters:
 the word art clusters:
 the glitters:
 or for only $10.80 you can get everything!
 Oh we're not done yet!!  There's still lots to tell.  This week Meagan has an adorable template pack releasing.  Super-cute and perfect for the many loves you have.  Your other half, kids, pets, your computer, books, e-reader, just to name a few.  Oh what's that?  Ohhh right.  The preview.  *giggles*  Sorry, got sidetracked thinking about those sweeeet templates.  And yes, it's linked.
Don't you just LOVE them?  I think they're just adorable.
WHEW.  Told you there was a lot to tell today!  I'm going to leave you with pages done by Meagan's stunning team and by the ScrapMatters CT using Bliss and the Paper Hearts Templates V2.  I thank you for spending time with us today!
Wait, I did say lots more, didn't I?  Stay tuned.  See my cute siggy?  Tiny little preview of something coming up.....
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Technique to try: "Vs"

Hey! This is Meagan's CT member Lindsay here to show you a cool technique to try on a layout. A couple of years ago I wanted to participate in a challenge in one of the digiscrapping forums. The challenge was to create a "Versus" layout. The layout could either have pictures or could be with no pictures. This was really a challenge for me, but as I started thinking of things I could scrap about it really became easy. The possibilities are endless and in the end I had 2 layouts that were fun and a little unique. Here are a couple of examples for you to look at and maybe get some inspiration for your own "Vs." layout. 
This first layout uses a kit by HD Creations called Game Day- Bundle.
The second layout uses a kit by Scraps n' Pieces called Cowboy Up.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manic Monday at ScrapMatters, freebie and a Sneak Peek

Morning everybody!  (Or good afternoon, evening, night - where ever you are!)  It's Monday again.  I tell ya, every time I write up one of these manic Monday posts, I always get the Bangles' song stuck in my head.  Yeah, I know, I'm telling my age here.  :)  Here, I'll share, so you can have it stuck in your head, too!  You're so very welcome.  *giggles*  Yep, it's another Monday which means that Meagan's got another fabulous kit for HALF OFF!
Today's little bit of awesomesauce is Meagan's Steampunk kit.  Full of funky bits & pieces, this kit is sure to be perfect just about anything you want to scrap!  You guessed it, the image is linked!
Ohh, and have you seen this thread over at ScrapMatters?  You have a chance to win Meagan's new release!!
Sweet, right?  Don't you just <3 it?  I know I do.  Ohhhh right, I did say there was a freebie, didn't I?
Here ya go.  :)  
Download here.  Sorry, download expired.  Please send all your friends here for their own copy.  Remember, the freebie is only available for 1 week.
How fun is this bragbook page?  And don't forget, Steampunk is available today only for 50% off!!  Thanks for spending some time with us today.
What's that?  What did I use to make my cute siggy?  Ohhh that's coming soon! *wink*
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Release at ScrapMatters ~ Cozy Winter bundle

Has it been cold where you are?  It's freezing here in Michigan where I am.  We're looking at at least another week of single digit (Fahrenheit) temps and that's what we've had for the last few days.  That's just way too cold for me.  But perfect for the Mixed Matters grab bag from last week that's been opened!  Meagan added some seriously fun & chilly add-ons to go with the kit.  You can get the pieces individually or buy the whole bundle if you missed the grab bag!  As always, the previews are linked.
 Word art:
Quick Pages:
Or the bundle:
Better hurry, they're 20% for just a few days!
I'm going to leave you with a few pages done by Meagan's uber talented team (new pages, not shared before)  I hope you stay warm where you are!

OH, before I might want to go 'like' Meagan's page on Facebook...ya know, if you don't already.  I have it on good authority there's going to be a sweet freebie!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Release at STO: Just Like Daddy

Hey ya'll!  Kari here with today's new release at Scrap Takeout! Today Meagan has her funky and totally boyish Just Like Dad kit (or for added savings, the whole bundle) for you!  How fun is this?  All the dirty, grungy, flat out boyishness in this kit is just great!  I just can't say enough about how fun and funky this kit is. See for yourself how great it looks.  And as always, the previews are linked.
 The kit:
The cardstocks:
 The word art clusters:
The quick pages:
Or, for added savings, the bundle:
See?  I told you it was too good grungy to be true!  Remember, you can get it for 20% off only until Sunday, the 27th .  I'm going to leave you with a few pages done by Meagan's team.  I hope you have a great rest of your day or night (wherever you are!) and I thank you for spending time with us!
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