Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun with Divided Backgrounds

Here's a fun trick for scrappers! I like anything that can add some visual interest to our layouts! One of those is with a divided background. Instead of having a paper edge on top of a paper edge, I sometimes like to hide the paper change behind some elements. If you have a cluster though, this can be difficult. Instead of using the eraser tool, try using the magic wand! Here's how!

Step 1: Duplicate the cluster of elements where the background will change. I want to chance the background in these corners and so will be duplicating all those elements that touch those areas.

Step 2: Clear drop shadows from the duplicated elements and then merge them.

Step 3: Now use the magic wand on that merged layer to select the area where we want a different paper.

Step 4: Expand the selection a little by going to Select--->Modify--->Expand. Choose about 2-3 pixels.

ok so I had to do more than 2-3 because I left the drop shadows on >.< I would clear the drop shadows and then just expand it until it's right under the elements.

Step 5:
Use the Add Selection wand to add any areas that were left out. Like here, I have to decide if I want to include that area between the pink string and the pink polka-dot ribbon.

Step 6: Create a new layer under the original elements layers and use the drop bucket to fill it in.

Step 7: You can delete the merged layer of elements now and clip a paper of your choosing to this area!

Here's my finished layout using Wishes and Wings. Have fun with it!

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