Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photoshop Tool: Clone Stamp

Hi there! There is so much to explore with Photoshop to help our pictures and layouts look better! Today I am going to talk about the Clone Stamp. As my example, I have here my Doctor's Orders layout.

As you can see, while I love that clipboard element for journaling on I found the printed text on the element conflicts with my writing. So I will use the clone stamp to copy a part of the page from another section to the part with the grunge on it.

First, find the clone stamp tool.

Then, you set what size you want the tool. It works like a brush so you have a diameter to set and the hardness and opacity. I like to lower the hardness so that the edges blend a little better and are not harsh. Here are the settings I used:

Then, you have to hold down the ALT key as you click the area you WANT the spaces to look like. I clicked on an area without grunge.

Then I paid attention to where the brush copied and tried to line it up so the lines would meet right on the grunged part. Anytime I had a new section to do, I would do that ALT step again and be sure to line up my new spot with the lines like they were where I picked it up.

And now my text doesn't get that printed part on it!

Try out the clone stamp to fix pictures too!

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