Thursday, April 25, 2013

New release: Stand Out Temps Vol 2

Hi everybody!  How is everything going in your little corner of the world?  The weather is absolutely nuts here in Michigan.  Went from wearing flip flops and capris to rain and snow.  SNOW!!  Between the funky weather changes and all the plants trying to bloom, it's no wonder we're all under the weather (no pun intended) in this house.  Well, when the weather is all nasty, what better way to spend your time than to scrap!  Speaking of scrapping, Meagan's unpacked the Mixed Matters bag and released her part on it's own!  Take a look at the Stand Out Templates Volume 2.  And as always, the preview is linked for you.
Pretty darn awesome, right?  And so versatile.  Also on sale for 20% off til Sunday!  Take a look here at what the amazing team has done:
Every week I'm blown away.  Thanks for spending time with us today.  
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