Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Release: Once Upon a Time templates and a freebie!

Kari here to tell you about Meagan's new release for this week!  She revamped her Once Upon a Time kit, so this week we have the Once Upon a Time templates revamped!  Take a look at this!  (it's all linked for you)
Very cool, right?  I KNOW!  Meagan makes some seriously great templates.  I'm totally loving the bottom left template..see that line down the middle?  It's a gradient on a layer to make your page look like an open book!  Don't miss out on this deal!  20% off thru Sunday!  Take a peek at what these super talented team has done with them.

Beautiful, ladies!
Oh, wait a minute..I mentioned a freebie, didn't I?  You know how Meagan hit 4,000 likes?  Well she has a fantabulous freebie for you!!!  Take a look at this lil (OK, not so little!) cutie that Meagan has for you.
Loving it!  The image is linked to Meagan's Facebook page, just make sure you 'like' her page to download!  It's only available for 1 week, so make sure you jump on it.
Thanks for spending time with us today.
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