Saturday, September 1, 2012

Design Principle: Repetition

So the second part of the C.R.A.P. design principles is R for Repetition. Now, I mainly start using this one when I get to the clustering part of my word art but it could also mean that you repeat a font you used. So I will often sandwich a word or two of a different font (for Contrast!) in between two phrases or groups of words with the same font, so there is some repetition there. And by the way, all of these word art screen shots come from my new Wishes and Wings Collection.

So you can see where I repeated the text in the same font before and after the "Breath" and it kind of help ties it all back together.

In this one I decided to repeat the flourishes to give this one a "balanced" look.

with this cluster, you can see a combination of the two principles of Contrast and Repition. I have repeated the star shape throughout but added contrast to the sizes they are and the colors. Just because you repeat it, doesn't mean it has to be EXACTLY the same.

And here's another cluster where even though I do have the two words in the repeating font, I have added contrast in the color. But notice that the thickness of the stroke is the same (repeated) for both words and the same color. Again, repetition does not have to be boring!

Check back next week for another tutorial!
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