Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Meagan's CT: Shaheen!

Hey all! This is me:

I'm an Indian (from India) living in Dubai, UAE, also known as the city of gold and famous for the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa tower. 

Most of you may already know my name since I often help create posts for Meagan on her blog. Here are some of my galleries (STS, DST, DSA) and you can find my blog here.

Besides scrapbooking, I have a great interest in photography. I generally prefer photographing nature and places over people since people make for fussier subjects. Myself included. ;)

I also love henna designing or, as most people in the west refer to it, henna tattoos. Applying henna has both a cultural as well as a religious significance. So we are commonly known to decorate our hands, arms and feet with it during weddings as well as religious holidays such as Eid.

I love visiting places and have travelled to countries like USA, Canada, UK, France and a few places in the Asian continent as well. Meagan asked each of her CT to share a photo of an exotic place we've been to. I suppose India would be an exotic choice for most but since it's normal for me, I've decided to share photos of my visit to Oman, a country neighbouring the UAE. Oman lies at the southern border of UAE and is an amazing place to visit!

Unlike UAE, essentially a desert that's been changed into a bustling city and country, Oman has a variety of landscapes. From mountains to seaside, not only is it pretty different from UAE, but it's far more greener and cooler too.

Instead of simply showing you a bunch of photos, I've decided to use a template from Meagan's Stack Me set (STS; GP) and her Dreamy Skies kit (STS; GP) to share just some of the amazing sights one can see in Oman.

One thing I cannot live without would probably be my laptop and the internet. I keep in touch with all my friends through the net and I'm absolutely addicted to it. Plus, nowadays, it's impossible to get anything done if you don't have the net. It's a great source of knowledge if utilised correctly besides being an unlimited source of entertainment. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have never learnt about scrapbooking! :o

Talking about scrapbooking, it's about time I show you some of my favourite layouts. The first one is Meagan's The Simple Life kit (STS; GP) which I used to scrap a layout about my budgies. Did I mention I have budgies and finches as pets? :P

Here's another layout about my trip to Al Ain (southern city in UAE) and their hanging flowers garden which has set a record in the Guinness Book Of World Records. As Wonderful As She (STS; GP) was the PERFECT kit to scrap these beautiful flowers!

And of course, here are the kits by Meagan that I absolutely LOVE!

As Wonderful As She has to be the kit that I fell in love with at first sight. The colours are absolutely stunning!

Wishes And Wings is one of Meagan's newer kits that I haven't had the pleasure of working with as yet but love the colour palette and elements. It's one that will easily work with all kinds of photos.

Another thing Meagan would like us to share is about our dreams. I'm a doctor (yes, of medicine) and I'm working my way towards starting a specialisation and my dream would be to be able to help people through my work. Wish me luck!

Finally, a favourite layout technique of mine is highlighting the colours of my photos with the use of a kit. I'm sure that's easy to see with my layouts above. :D

Thank you so much for patiently reading!

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