Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meet Meagan's CT: Lahni!

Good Day everyone! Meagan asked all of us on her CT to write a guest post about ourselves and I'm up first! My name is Lahni; known around the digiworld as queen.wild. My name comes from before I was into digital scrapping. I kept a personal blog (occasionally still do) and called it The Queen of All Wild Things after Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are. queen.wild became my online name so it was just natural that I was queen.wild when I joined the digiscrapping world!

Meagan wanted us to provide a photo and since I'm always behind the camera, I don't really have a recent photo of me. So I thought I'd provide this one from my third birthday...wasn't I cute???
Anyway, Meagan wanted us to tell you all a little about us. I have three little kids (9, 5, and 2) and one more on the way (he'll be here soon - I have a month left!) and they are my main reasons for scrapping. I've been digiscrapping since Jan of 2011. I've paper scrapped from the time I was about 16 until my second was about 2. When my third was a year old, I realized I hadn't scrapped a single page of her first year scrapbook as I'd done for my other two. But, I had NO desire to get out my paper scrapping supplies again. That's when I decided it was time to bite the bullet and figure out this digital scrapbooking thing. I bought PSE 9, did a lot of googling and within a week I was hooked! Before I found digital scrapping, my two main loves were science and reading. I still love them both but they have definitely taken a back seat to scrapping! I used to teach high school chemistry but now that I'm at home with my kids, I don't follow the science world as closely as I used to. I still read like a maniac. And when I'm not scrapping (or breaking up fights between my kids), I usually have my nose in a book! 

If you want to check out some of my digital scrapbooking you can find my blog here, and a few of my galleries here, here & here

My favourite product of Meagan's is either Dreamy Skies or The Simple Life. Here are some layouts I've created using these kits:

Meagan wanted me to show you a photo of the most exotic or interesting place I've been to. Well, I haven't been anywhere exotic, but this Spring my family and I headed out to Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. to visit family and it was definitely very interesting. We were only able to spend a day and a half in NYC, but I loved every minute of it. Here's a photo of my family and I in Times Square on Easter Sunday.
Meagan also asked us to talk about one thing we couldn't live without. I think she probably literally meant something frivolous and not just the love of my family so I'm going to say books and my laptop. Are you surprised after reading the above? Probably not!

She also asked us to speak of a dream of ours. My dream is to be Meagan - I aspire to create kits and word art as beautifully as she does! How's that for a dream??? :)

One last thing she asked us to do is to share a favourite layout technique. I love using white space to create super simple layouts where the photo just speaks for itself. I hardly ever do this with Meagan's kits though because I love to use every single piece she puts in the kit!!
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