Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Designer Tutorial: Advanced Textures

So I have another designer tutorial for you this week. But it's also important for scrappers to know some about textures so that if you want to texture your printed font so it actually looks like it's on the paper.

So when you open up a texture, first make sure you de-saturate it if it's not black and white already. Now, go to the levels adjustments again, Image--->Adjustments---> Levels
Here, I will be using an awesome texture by Dream Big Designs from her CU Textures Vol. 2. I love the wrinkles in this pack and will show you how to make them shine!

When using the levels tool on textures, we want to move the middle gray arrow to the middle of the highest peak in the hills there. This helps the color of the paper you choose, stay as true as possible to that color when you place the overlay on top of it.

So, here's my color that I am placing the texture on.

And here it is with the texture, set to blend mode overlay.

Now, I want those wrinkles to stand out a little more...so I duplicated the texture layer, placing it under the original one, and then changing the bottom texture layer blending mode to linear light and about 25% opacity. For lighter colors, I would use linear burn instead.

And here's my finished paper.

and the side-by-side before and after linear light...

It's up to you which style you prefer but I like textures to be obvious and not subtle! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for reading!

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