Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Changing Drop Shadows on Clusters

So we all know (or should know!) that a key part of making a great cluster is variation- variation is size and shape of the elements. Which means our clusters will have a mixture of thin and thick elements. Thao, our fabulous cluster-maker makes gorgeous clusters with my kits. Here is a cluster I grabbed from the Retro Halloween Cluster set.

I loves the stacking of the ribbons in the cluster and I do love those purple stitches but you notice that drop shadow is a little steep for those stitches. So here's what we do.

Add your drop shadow and then right click on the drop shadow style in your layers palette. This menu will pop up. Choose create layer.

This makes the drop shadow it's own layer! Now, you can soften the drop shadow by erasing it at maybe 25% opacity, but what I decided to do was to erase the drop shadow completely from the stitches.
Then, I went back to the cluster layer and added the drop shadow again, again created a new layer for the drop shadow and erased that drop shadow from everywhere EXCEPT the stitches.

My finished layout using a Retro Halloween Quick page.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful!! have fun!

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