Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saving your Layouts

When you create a layout, we have to keep in mind it's digital. Paper scrapbooking always has the paper there to re-arrange or change whenever desired. But with digital, we can't change it after if it's only saved as a jpeg. So when I save a digital scrapbooking page, I save it 3 times!

1. Save the layered version of the layout! Save using TIFF format to save spaced AND to see a preview of the layout in your folder! For a refresher on saving in TIFF format, see this blog post tutorial.
2. Save the jpeg version of the layout at 12x12. Make sure you choose a quality level of at least 10. Even if you plan to print it on 8x8, make it 12x12 and re-size in the program's software.
3. Save as a 600x600 jpeg for gallery posting. To keep it distinguished, I add "gallery" at the end of the file name. Also, I keep my gallery-sized layouts in a separate file from the TIFF and full-sized jpegs of my layouts.

It's important to stay organized with your designs! Make sure you take some time to sort layouts by year (and month possibly too!)

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1 comment:

kc71595 said...

I do all of the same things, except that I only add an underscore (_) behind my gallery version. Otherwise, all the same! :)