Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving Space: TIFF file formats

My tip for you this week is about saving space on your hard drive! We all know that these scrapbooking files can get big and I like to save my layouts in layered form in case I want to go back and change something or find a mistake later. But instead of saving your layered files as PSD, save them in TIFF format. The same template that would be 30 MB in PSD format is only 3 MB in TIFF format!

These are the settings you want to use when saving in TIFF format:

Do this to all of your layered layouts and then with templates that you get! If your program uses TIFF files, just delete the PSD! The TIFF open up EXACTLY the same in Photoshop and they take up so much less space on your hard drive!! Be sure to periodically clean out your space so you have room for more beautiful layouts!!

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P@M said...

Thanks, Meagan. This is what I've been wanting to know.

Anisah said...

Are there any limitations of a .tiff file? Do they open the same in Paint Shop Pro as well?



Anisah said...

In PSP 9, saving in .tiff format merges the image. Maybe it can be done in newer versions, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Paint Shop Pro merges the formats because the style layers and some other elements available in Photoshop are not available to Paint Shop Pro. PSP will keep the layers but merge anything that is an unsupported format. I just learned that this week. I hope I remember it next week. :)

Robinson Nest said...

Hi - I need to free up some space so changing from PSD to TIFF in Photoshop Elements. I use a Mac so I'm assuming I choose that instead of the IBM PC.... but when i do it i get a message that says"saving in layers will increase the file size".... that ok? I'm assuming its still smaller than the PSD size.