Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet the Team: Kandi ~ Kandiced

Hi everyone! I love to be called Kandi or Kandice but you might have seen me around the scrapbook digi world as Kandiced. I love to hang out there. I do all types of challenges and speed scraps. ;P

I have very few hobbies other than scrapbooking. My kids are still small and take up a lot of my free time. Which is my favorite part of my day, hanging out with my kids. I'm always laughing so hard at them...with them. They say the darnedest things, for example I took my son to the dentist recently. The dentist asked how he was doing and how's his teeth. He replies I have a pain. Dentist says, Where's the pain? My son replies, In my butt!! I start to giggle because I have no idea where this going to take us. He just turned 4, so then he says I'm a pain in the butt! OK the dentist is laughing at him and he says next that if he's is a pain in the butt would it hurt when he poops...they conversation severally steered way from his teeth. LOL The dentist wanted to keep him for the rest of the afternoon. Love my kids...:) Next year both kids will be in school so I'm hoping to go back to school myself. Still not to sure what I want to study yet! 

I have been on Meagan's Creative Team for a very long time, since May 2011...Wow, how time flies! Here's one of the first layouts I did with As Wonderful As She (it's retired now).

 But I believe this is the kit that attracted me to Meagan's store and was so happy to find out she was having a CT call. Ever since I loved everything Meagan has created. Meagan's kits are so gorgeous, her word art is amazing and her templates are so easy to use, especially if you have troubles clustering. It is extremely easy to create any kind of layout using any one of Meagan's products! I had a hard time picking just a few layouts to show you but all these kits you can find at her ScrapMatters store.

Spirit Of Giving
plus this template now retired is also by Meagan's Creations

Baked With Love
I used not 1 but 2 of Meagan's Word arts.

Day Dreamer
Wishes & Wings The Bundle Collection by Meagan's Creations
Temptations Vol 7 By Wendy Tunison Designs

Life Is Wonderful
Hit Repeat Volume 1 by Meagan's Creations

Just out of high school coming from a small Canadian prairie town of less than 100 I have done a lot of travelling! I was blessed with living over in Lahr, Germany for several years. I was able to travel to so many surrounding countries it would be hard to say which one was more interesting. I did do a few things I can't do again. I went to Berlin for the 1st year anniversary party after the wall came down. I went to the Olympics in Barcelona. On Christmas morning I was blessed with thousands by the Pope at the Vatican City. I was there when Euro Disney opened. I've been on the Love Boat for a  Caribbean Cruise. I walked the Las Vegas strip when it closed down for New Years eve. Plus 8 years ago I became a long haul team truck driver and went all over Canada and the USA. A very short lived job, only 2 years, but I was 6 months pregnant and decide I couldn't handle the car sickness anyone. 

I know I was supposed to show a picture or two but most of them are from over 20 years ago. Here's a couple I found on my hard drive of my Paris France trip.

Eiffel Tower

Paris France

I have so many things I can not live without. Here's a few:  my laptop, dishwasher, washing machine & dryer, air conditioning (even though it winter here for 6 months!), my van, my music, and oh I can't not forget my camera. How else do I takes picture for my favorite hobby ;P

I think one dream is for my family to go to Disneyland or Disney World. We haven't had a big vacation as a family yet and that would be so much fun! 

One of my favorite technique is blending papers into each other using different types of brushes and the eraser. In my Train Engineer layout I even created my own mask. I love the grunge look and  Meagan's papers in Steampunk were beautifully done I really love the look of how the 5 papers were blended here. 
Steampunk Bundle Collection by Meagan's Creations

I hope to see you around and thanks for hanging out with me today!

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