Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tutorial: Blending Photos

Someone requested I do a tutorial on blending photos so here is my take on it :) I'm sure there's lots of ways to do it but this is what I have found.

First, here is my photo to blend.

That's my cute little daughter. I love this precious and innocent photo and want to give it a soft treatment so a photo blend would be perfect. Let's first soften the edges. To feather the edges, choose the select tool and then add a feather pixel radius of at least 50, I went for 80 with this large photo.

Then, drag and select your photo. You'll notice the curved edges and that means it will be feathering around the corners there. Copy and paste this selection onto a new layer just so that you can adjust things if you need to, you can go back to the original photo layer.

Now, below is mine and it's not quite there, there is still a hard edge on my photo so then I took the erase tool, lowered the hardness, anywhere from 0-20%, then also lowered the opacity to about 20% and went around the edges of my photo. You want it to be a smooth transition and not have those hard edges of the original photo.

Here's mine after I did some erasing.

It's not a perfect shape and that doesn't really matter to me, I like them to look more like a mask anyways. Next, you can either lower the opacity of the layer, or change the blend mode of the layer. I chose to set mine to Overlay mode.

or blend mode:

Depends on how soft or light you want the photo to be. Add your elements and you're done! Here's my finished layout:

Credits: Wishes and Wings

If you have any questions, let me know!

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