Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Setting Action Shortcuts

Just sharing a quick tip with you about setting your own quick key settings for actions! You may have some favorite actions you use over and over and you don't want to have to search through our actions window to find it each time. You can set a shortcut key for it, quickly!

Open the action in your actions toolbar and then double-click to the right of the action.

This will open up a new dialog box and there you can set your shortcut key for that action!

Now, whenever you have selected a layer, you can hit that shortcut key and it will automatically perform that action! Sweet right! Now beware that if you choose one action in a set of actions you have, it will automatically set the rest of the actions with the next consecutive function keys.

If you have any questions, let me know!

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1 comment:

Kirsti Fleming said...

I'm a big short-cutter myself! One thing I noticed though is that many actions will not work if you tool is not selected as the POINTER. I was getting frustrated and realized it was always when I my tool was text or brush or marquee, but as soon as I switch to pointer, it's good to go! :-)