Friday, June 29, 2012

Tutorials by Meagan's Creations - Exposure

If you missed my tutorial in my newsletter then here it is! To me, the most important thing about scrapbooking is making your pictures look good! Because I have seen GORGEOUS and stunning digital scrapbook work but the pictures were BLAH! Come on gals! We spend all this time making the layout, let's make our photos look good, too! One of the biggest problems I see on photos is a dark photo. Who knows what happened and the flash didn't brighten the photo enough. Take this photo for instance:

It's cute, but I think it could be brighter. So I like to use the exposure tool. You go Image-->Adjustments--> Exposure

And I like to just play with the exposure slider. For this photo I just went up to +0.50

I like that a lot better! And for a more dramatic effect, I will really kick up the exposure or maybe add the b&w afterwards.

Play around with it and other Photoshop tools! Don't settle for BLAH photos! Ok, getting off my sopabox...

Hope you liked that. Keep dropping by for more tutorials from me!
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