Friday, February 24, 2012

Logo Design Service

Hi Scrappers! I hope everyone is having a great week! I know my Tuesday sucked. The great weather around here means my allergies flared up and I was MISERABLE! but after some nyquil and dayquil I'm doing better.Hope no one else is struggling!

This week I wanted to tell you about the launch of my logo design service. See the new tab at the top? It won't be through my store but just through me and paypal. I've always loved word art and logo designs are all about word art. It started when I made a suggestion for the new Stuff to Scrap logo. That's right, I designed this:

Other designers at Stuff to Scrap starting approaching me to re-design their logos and I thought, maybe I should do more of this. So, I am! Here's a look at the others I did:

Most of them have a color palette in mind when they come to me or even if you don't, I can suggest some. I'll design 3 or more variations for you at first so I can get an idea of what you want. We move from there. Personal or business logos, I can do both! Prices start at just $10! So, contact me @ and we can begin taking a look at a custom logo for you today!
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